The Shopify API is a powerful tool that would let you access particular data. To get the API Credentials, you need to create a Custom App (Private App) in the admin page of the Shopify store. Please follow the steps below to get the API credentials:

Generate Shopify Access Token

  1. Login to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Click on Apps in the left menu, then click on Develop apps at the top of the page.
  3. If the Custom app development is not enabled, please click Allow custom app development, read the warning and information provided, and then click Allow custom app development.
  4. Click Create an app.
  5. In the modal window, enter the App name and select an App developer. The app developer can be the store owner, or any staff or collaborator account with the Develop apps permission. Then click Create app. Note: after you create a custom app, you can assign API scopes to it. A custom app can have Admin API scopes and Storefront API scopes. For data migration, we only need Admin API scopes.
  6. In the Overview tab, click Configure Admin API scopes.
  7. In the Admin API access scopes section, select the API scopes that you to assign to the app. Set all access levels of the following permissions Read + Write: Customers, Discounts, Draft orders, Files, Gift cards, Inventory, Locations, Orders, Price rules, Products, Shop locales, Store content, Themes, Translations.

8. Click Save.

9. Select API credentials tab.

10. In the Access tokens section, click Install app. Then click Install in the modal window.

11. After the Admin API is installed, click Reveal token once to show the Access Token.

12. Now you can get the Access Token to use for our migration.